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At g&m, our mission is to redefine the delivery of insurance through innovation. We believe in making insurance easy for our clients.
Employees are integral to g&m’s success. Our people strategy is our business strategy. Patience, Empathy and Trust are virtues we value in our team members.
Our mission – revolutionise the insurance industry
We are one of Singapore’s fastest growing brokers for general insurance.
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In g&m, we enjoy what we do. we work hard and play hard.
Happy Staff–> Happy Customer–> Happy Boss–> Happy Staff again
It’s a cycle!


Krystal Seet


g&m is a great place to work for those who are innovative and enjoy flexibility. We are empowered to provide our feedback and suggestions to improve the workflow as we grow and fine tune along the way. The environment is conducive for cross-collaboration, and we have lots of fun working together.


Aldora Kong
Health, Business Development

At g&m, I am inspired by my peers to be better at what I do. Here, I’m given opportunities to learn and improve myself and grow along with the company.


Choa Zhu Ching
Health, Claims & Operations

I admire that g&m promotes autonomy and offers flexibility to its employees. g&m values the work that people do and prioritizes the welfare of every employee.
g&m has always been about its people – this is what I felt since I joined the company!


Toni Ong

g&m has given me not only the opportunity to strategise in my profession, but to take that strategy, implement it, and see the direct fruits of my labour. The autonomy I’m granted, the flexibility with work-arrangements, and the chance to think outside the box all coalesce together to provide a holistic work experience.


Nicholas Wong

Through these few years, much have changed, and on a positive note, it is a meaningful environment to grow with your peers.


Wilson Kwan

I really enjoyed working at g&m. The working culture is very good, and the colleagues are very friendly.


Jacob Kee

It’s a great company in a fun and futuristic flexi-work environment.

A place where young bright minds gather to collaborate and work, and one can learn from all angles, all tiers.

An open-minded culture environment with a focus on productivity and efficiency.


Aloysius Foo

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