Corporate Insurance

Corporate insurance is also known as business insurance. It can cover various operational risks such as theft, financial losses and accidental damages. In some cases, having business insurance is also mandatory and required by law. There are many types of available insurance for businesses, with coverage for property, employees, and liabilities.

Common Types of Coverage
Commercial Lines

 Property Coverage

  • Business all risks, burglary / theft, business interruption,
    business package / SME package, contractor all risks,
    deterioration of stocks, equipment all risks, erection all
    risks, fidelity guarantee, fire, machinery breakdown,
    money, plate glass

 Casualty Coverage / Employee Coverage

  • Public liability, product liability
  • Work injury compensation (employee coverage)
Financial Lines

 Liability Coverage

  • Combined general liability, cyber liability, errors & omissions,
    information & communication technology liability,
    professional indemnity, directors and officers liability

 Payment Coverage

  • Bond insurance, trade credit insurance
Marine Insurance

 Cargo, inland transit, bailee’s liability

Benefits of Corporate Insurance

 Protects your company’s assets against physical
 loss or damage resulting from accidental cause

 Provides coverage in cases of work-related injuries
 to your employees

 Protects your business against loss of revenue due
 to unforeseen circumstances

 Protects your business from financial losses in cases
 where it is held liable for compensation, due to your

Finding out Which Types of Coverage are
Important for Your Business

Coverage needs would differ greatly depending on the type of business you are operating, the number of employees you have, and the
types of risks involved.

For example, getting insured for work injury compensation is more crucial for businesses with high injury risks, such as construction companies or production companies that operate factories and heavy machinery. On the other hand, professional liability coverage would be recommended for companies in most lines of work.

Whether you are a local company, MNC, or SME, and no matter which industry you are operating in, there is a policy most suitable for you. Speak to our professionals to let us know the specific details about your business, and we will recommend policies that would best benefit your company.

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