Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee benefits insurance provides your employees with the benefit of reimbursement on their medical expenses. This protects your employees and their families from the financial implications of sickness or injury.

Company employee benefits insurance usually extend beyond just inpatient benefits, to include outpatient, dental, personal accident, and term life.

Common Types of Coverage

 Hospital & Surgical

Covers hospitalisation and surgical expenses

Outpatient (GP)

Covers eligible expenses incurred at a GP

Outpatient (Specialist)

Covers eligible expenses incurred at
specialist clinics, inclusive of diagnostic scans


Covers eligible dental expenses


 Term Life

Covers death and total permanent disability

Critical Illness

Covers 37 critical illnesses with lump sum payout on diagnosis


Personal Accident

Covers loss of life, permanent disablement, and dismemberment due to an accident


Covers delivery cost and pre&post natal complications

Preventive Care

Covers health annual check-up and other wellbeing benefits

Advantages of Employee Benefits

 Protects your employees against medical and hospitalisation expenses

 Improved workplace productivity and morale

 Attract better talent to your company

 Differentiate your company and stand out against your competitors

Selecting the Right Employee Benefits Plan
for Your Company

Whether you are a local company, MNC, an SME, or a large organisation, there is a policy most suitable for you. Speak with an experienced insurance broker that has accessibility to a wide range of insurers, and is able to help and advise you on the different types of policies available.

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