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Is the Cheapest Car Insurance always the Best Deal?

When looking for car insurance, we often look for the cheapest deal – but is the cheapest deal always the best one? While it is wise to be financially prudent, we have to be careful and not short change ourselves in other aspects, such as the protection of your vehicle and yourself.

Here are three key factors to consider before buying your car insurance:

1. Driver Restrictions

There are three main categories of driver restrictions.

Any Authorised Driver policy

This is the most common type of policy. It applies to most kinds of sedans and SUVs. It offers coverage to any driver whom the vehicle owner authorised, allowing flexibility and convenience for family or friends to drive your car with adequate insurance coverage.

Any Authorised Driver basis with restricted age conditions policy

It can help to bring down your insurance premium by restricting the age band to an average of late twenties to sixties. However, with this option, you must remember never to pass your vehicles to a driver who does not meet the age conditions.

Named Driver Only policy

This policy applies mainly to sports and high-end cars. For these cars, this policy may be the only option offered due to the value and performance of the vehicles. The insurers would need the declaration of all drivers, and an underwriter to add them in as named drivers before they are eligible to be covered by insurance while driving the car. While some insurers may offer such driver conditions to regular sedan cars in a bid to lower the insurance premium, it is not advisable unless you are certain of the people who will be driving your car. You do not want to get caught in a situation where the insurer repudiates your claim for voiding insurance terms.

2. Medical and Personal Accident Coverage

It is important to note that your motor insurance does not cover personal injuries to yourself. With the hectic lifestyle that we now lead, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Vehicle owners and drivers should always ensure they have adequate medical and personal accident coverage in the event of injuries during an accident

Most insurers offer medical and personal accident cover as an additional option on top of the comprehensive coverage being offered. Claims can be made conveniently by submitting the original receipt to us for assistance. However, do note the claimable limits under the policy.

A  way to enjoy more cost savings is to purchase a Personal Accident policy directly from us. A standalone accident policy offers a higher claim limit at a lower cost and can avoid claims loading on your motor insurance policy upon renewal.

3. Service Provider

Cost savings aside, it is always best to consider a channel that suits your needs and preferences throughout. Having a good service provider is important because they are professionally trained to assist you in the selection process. They understand the insurance market better and have better access to the insurer’s claims officers and managers.

On top of being responsive during your initial purchasing phase, an excellent service provider should also be contactable throughout the entire term of your insurance policy – to address your queries and provide advice, especially in times of need – when an accident occurs or the need for a claim arises.

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