Lifestyle Insurance
Lifestyle Insurance

Lifestyle insurance offers protection for the personal assets and lifestyle of an individual, allowing them to experience minimal disruption and financial loss in unforeseen cases such as theft or accidents. Some of the most common types of lifestyle insurance include home insurance and travel insurance.

Common Types of Coverage


Protect your house from fire and other types of insured perils


Covers overseas medical expenses and travel inconvenience

 Domestic Helper Package

Covers medical expenses, personal accident and bonds accordingly to MOM requirements


Covers golf equipment, injuries and hole in one

 Fine Art

Protect your luxury goods and special art collection

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Jewellery & Watches

Protect your jewellery and watch collection

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 Pleasure Craft

Protect your pleasure craft against physical loss or damage and third party liability

 Personal Accident

Covers accidental death and permanent disablement

 Bicycle and PMD

Protect yourself when you ride your bicycle or personal mobility device.

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Selecting the Right Lifestyle Insurance Plans for Yourself


For most of us out there, our homes are our most important asset. Hence, it is strongly recommended for you to purchase a home insurance policy, whether it is a HDB, condo, or landed house. While selecting the best policy for your home, a few things to take into consideration would be the type of home insured, whether you will be renting it out to tenants, or if you are a tenant yourself.


There are several factors involved in choosing the right travel insurance, such as whether it is just for yourself, or for your family as well. You also have to take into consideration the countries you will be visiting, the form of transport you will be utilising, and the type of accommodation you have arranged, to determine the risks of theft or emergencies. For frequent travellers, there are also yearly policies you could consider.

 Hobby/ Luxury Lifestyle Insurance (Fine Art, Golf, Pleasure Craft, etc.)

Such hobbies do not come cheap, and selecting the right policy for your needs would require you to take into consideration the extent to which you are pursuing them. For fine art, it might be the size, type, and rarity of your collection while for golf and pleasure craft, some things to consider would be the frequency and destination of your trips, along with whether you would prefer a basic coverage or a more extensive one.

Whether you are getting insurance for your home, a holiday or personal collections/ hobbies, we can advise you on the types of coverage best suited for you based on the types of risks involved. Speak to our professionals today to pursue your hobbies with a peace of mind.

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