Insurance Made
for Trendsetters

Protect your latest Tesla with Us

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Insurance Made for Trendsetters

Protect your latest Tesla with Us

Ensure the Best Protection for your Tesla
Ensure the Best Protection for your Tesla

The future of electric vehicles is here.
We know how exciting it is to get your hands on the latest Tesla.

As a broker, we’ll help YOU get the best deal for your Tesla Insurance.
Speak to us for competitive premiums AND great coverage.

Key Areas of Coverage*
Key Areas of Coverage*

Cover your Charger

Claim for damages to your Cable and Wall Box

Free NCD Protector**

Protect your No Claims Discount on the next renewal

24/7 Accident Response

On-site assistance within 20mins
to help file the accident report

Valet Service Extension

Covers loss or damage occurred during Valet Services

Loss of Use Compensation

$50 per day for up to 5 days

We represent YOU
We represent YOU

As a broker, we specialize in finding the best coverage based on YOUR needs.
Protect your latest Tesla with us.

Tell us More and Get a Quote
Tell us More and Get a Quote

*Terms and conditions apply
** Applicable only for Policyholders with 30% NCD and above

Frequently Asked Questions For Tesla / Electric Vehicle Insurance In Singapore

This depends. An Electric Vehicle or Tesla might cost more to insure than a normal car’s insurance. Generally, expensive cars cost more to insure, so it depends on which car you’re making the comparison to.

This could vary from $900 all the way to $4,000. Ultimately, it depends on the model of your electric vehicle, and your level of coverage. If you have a No Claim Discount (NCD), your electric vehicle’s insurance would be a lot cheaper. Additionally, the amount of coverage you are going for such as whether it’s covering only third-party accidents, fire and theft or comprehensive coverage would make a difference.

Yes, insurance is also compulsory for Tesla and Electric Vehicles in Singapore. Just like any other cars in Singapore, this is to ensure if you hit any public or private property with your car, the cost to replace these items are being insured.