Stay Ahead
with $0 Excess*
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Stay Ahead
with $0 Excess*
When you Own a Porsche, you’ll want the Best Protection

We offer the only $0 Excess* Porsche Insurance in Singapore, along with value-added benefits to enhance protection of your treasured car.

As the market leader for Porsche Insurance, we understand the value of your Porsche and provide you with the most competitive terms and benefits.

Exclusive Benefits

$0 Excess*

Enjoy Zero or Reduced excess
for repairs at the authorized
**without jeopardising
your warranty

Guaranteed Sum Insured

Insure your Porsche at an
agreed value rather than
market value

Cash Benefit

Get cash compensation
when your Porsche
is under repair

24/7 Accident Response

On-site assistance within 20mins
to help file the accident report.

Complimentary Basic Repairs

Repair your Rims &
Tyres for Free

Mobile Dent Protection

Repair your paintless dent(s)
without travelling to the workshop

Our Standards are as High as Yours

As a broker, we represent you and have your best interests at heart.
Ensure optimal protection for your Porsche with us.

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*For selected car models