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Overpaying for your Supercar Insurance?
What Is A Supercar?

Supercars are sometimes also known as Exotic cars, High End Cars, and Sports Cars.

The definition differs for each consumer, depending on their standard. But in general, these are cars that are superior in performance and with tougher build materials. They often have advanced technology, and sleek design which gives them an unparalleled elegance.

Luxury brands such as Mercedes has started their foray into this segment with AMG, BMW with M, and Audi with RS. And at the top, we have brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, McLaren, Bentley, and Rolls Royce. Many of these cars have been made more desirable from their appearances in action movies.

Why Is Insurance For Supercars So Expensive?

Car insurance prices are usually correlated with the price of the vehicle and sometimes it could be higher than expected. There are a few reasons for that:

  • Price of the vehicle is high, many a time costing more than half a million dollars, and sometimes even above a million dollars.
  • Vehicle would be expensive to repair as it might require original parts which have to be specially imported from the manufacturer.
  • Some of the rarer models do not depreciate as much in value due to their rarity, and some even appreciate in value.
  • These high performance cars are perceived to attract a younger clientele who have a tendency towards speed and risk taking. Traditionally, they are categorised as “High Risk drivers”.
Supercar Insurance Need Not Be Expensive!

There are a few misconceptions about these cars and their owners that we would like to highlight. Contrary to misconceptions, these owners are not “High Risk”.

  • Many own multiple cars, and this Supercar is perhaps the one they drive sparingly on weekends. Thus, the mileage on these cars are lower.
  • Many of them are appreciator of cars and are very protective of their cars, taking good care of them, and driving them with care.
  • Infrastructure and technology to repair these cars are widely available now, and global trade has made the import of parts accessible.
How To Save On Your Supercar Insurance?

g&m is a specialist in Supercar insurance and is the top broker in town for this. We work with a large suite of insurers to ensure a comprehensive solution for not just your vehicles’ needs, but also for your lifestyle.

  • Competitive pricing from knowledge of market, and also scale from market share
  • Bulk pricing discount for insuring multiple cars
  • Fixed sum insured to protect you from the exact amount that you paid for the car
  • Exclusive benefits such as Track and Gap insurance
  • Add-ons to cover your lifestyle such as Travel, Life, Health, Art, Watches and Jewellery

As an experienced broker in this segment, we understand the needs of you, the client. Speak to us today for a comprehensive policy crafted exclusively for your needs, with the most competitive prices you’ll come across.

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